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SnowPlow Blades

Specifications:Hardness: 60 +/- Shore A Durometer
Tensile Strength: 2500 PSI
Elongation: 550%
Low temperature: -50 C
Oil Resistance: Moderate


Rubber snowplow cutting blades are designed to fit all types of equipment that use steel blades.  Flexible blades conform to road surfaces, protecting airport runway lights and highway lane markers.
Here are the advantages over metal blades:

  • Extends the life of expensive metal blades. Quick replacement reduces downtime.
  • No gouging – adjust easily to road surface.
  • Faster speeds – glide over obstructions for fast, damage free removal.
  • Quick cleaning – cut through heavy snow, slush with ease.


Meets Specification:
ASTM-D-2000 SAE-J-200
4AA 625 A13 F17 G21 Z1 Z2 Z3
GRADE 625 F1 G 21 Z1 Z2 Z3


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