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Conveyor Components

Fenner Dunlop ECS, Flexco, PPI, and others manufactures high quality products including idlers, cleaners, conveyor pulleys, drives and conveyor structure used in mining, quarrying, agriculture, ship loading, utility, hard rock mining, material and bulk solids handling industries.



  • Idlers – For carrying and smoothly moving conveyor belt. Available in 20-, 35- and 45-degree configurations for containment of the material being conveyed.







  • Impact Cradles – Similar to the slider bed, these can come in a variety of configurations and designs.  Impact rollers – Rollers combined with impact bars.   Application specific.








  • Slider Beds – utilized to cradle and support the material in an impact zone.








  • Primary & Secondary Cleaners – for cleaning of the conveyor belt to reduce or eliminate carry-back of material. Reduced carry-back leads to reduced maintenance costs. ­








  • Cleaner Blades – Replacement bladed utilized on the various belt cleaner configurations above.







  • Plows / V-Plows – Typically used to clean material from spillage on the clean side of a conveyor belt to eliminate materials from building up in the tail section of a conveyor belt.








  • Skirtboards & Seal Systems – These are material containment systems designed to reduce spillage and dust.











  • Ceramic Lagging – used to improve traction on drive pulleys. Several different configurations depending on application.






  • Pulleys – Pulleys come in several versions for a conveyor system; Drum type: used for drive, snub and bend pulleys. Wing type; typically used for take-up systems. There are various designs for each type of pulley.  Application will dictate the correct choice.







  • Structure – For mounting the conveyor components; Idlers, return rollers, pulleys, conveyor belt, Drive systems, take-up and tail components.



  • Customized Products – There are several custom components available for a conveyor system; Depending on the system and product conveyed various custom components can be engineered to better control impact ones, tracking, material flow and wear to the system.