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3D Printing

With our Form 3 3D printer, we are able to create a wide variety of custom parts for your every need.
From clear to elastic, the wide variety of materials are tailored to the job requirements.

  • Compatibility
    • Can import both stl and obj file types
    • We can import other 3d file types and convert if needed
  • Printing resolution
    • 25 µm xy
    • 25-300 µm z
  • Build volume
    • 5 x 14.5 x 18.5 (cm)
    • 7 x 5.7 x 7.3 (in)
  • Features
    • Watertight printing ability
    • Available materials, advantages, and lead times
      • Clear
        • Ability to see what is happening inside of part
        • Advantage for seeing fluid movement through part
      • Black, grey, white, color (available in any color)
        • can be painted to desire color
        • matte finish
        • good for parts that will undergo other finishing techniques
      • Grey Pro
        • High precision for printing
        • Low creep and medium elongation during use
        • Advantage in functional parts that will be used in the field
      • Rigid
        • Advantage for parts requiring high stiffness and/or thin walls in design
        • High heat resistance and stability, lower impact resistance
      • High temperature
        • Heat deflection temperature of 238o C
        • Advantage for creating molds, inserts, heat resistant housings, mounts, and the handling of hot air, liquid, and other gases
      • Flexible 80A
        • Durometer finish of 80A
        • Simulates rubber
        • Advantages in creating handles, grips, overmolds, and intricate seals, gaskets, and masks that require details in 3-dimensions
      • Elastic 50A
        • Durometer finish of 50A
        • Simulates silicone
        • Advantages in repeated cycling of material, creating wearables, compressible items, and stretchable enclosures and casings
      • Tough 1500, 2000
        • Simulates ABS plastic
        • Ideal for parts that require deflection and quick return to form
        • Ideal use in tensile strength required and elongation
      • Durable
        • Ideal for parts requiring low friction, high impact, and squeezable
        • Simulates the properties of polyethylene
        • Pliable, high elongations, slow to spring back to original form

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