The Beginning

Did you know?
Thaman Rubber was founded on August 15, 1960 by Bill Thaman and Carol Stagaman. Carol who? Well, she would not remain Carol Stagaman for long as Bill, ever organized, also selected that day to propose. As was common then, they were married less than three months later, and life was off to the races. The original office was a storefront in a part of Cincinnati called Evanston near Xavier University. Days were long but fulfilling with Bill selling and fabricating while Carol kept the books. They could not afford a coffee maker at the beginning but White Castle coffee from next door kept them going (as did Dana Gardens after work to celebrate the successes).
Who was their very first customer? Hilton Davis Chemical. None of this would have happened without the support of Rovey Rovekamp from Hilton Davis. It was his encouragement that gave Bill and Carol the confidence they needed to start their own business-all of us need some help along the way.
Stay tuned for more story to follow-and don’t hesitate to call Thaman Rubber so that we can be the help along the way that you need.